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British Consulate Cape Verde

British Consulate Cape Verde. Address, Telephone and Opening Times. Travel Advice and UK Passport Entry Requirements to Cape Verde.

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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements – Visas

British nationals require a visa to enter Cape Verde. Cape Verde’s Ambassador to the UK is Fernando Wahnon Ferreira, based in Brussels.

His address: Ambassade du Cap-Vert, Avenue Jeanne 29, 1000 Bruxelles, tel +32 2 64 36 270; fax 32 2 64 63 385, email:

For those travelling via Senegal there is a Cape Verde Embassy in Dakar. Specialist travel agents dealing with Cape Verde can also arrange visas.

Flag of Cape Verde

Flag of Cape Verde

British Consulate Cape Verde
Rue Dr. Alberto Leite
Predio da Papirus, 1 andar
C.P. 423
Cape Verde

+ 238 2323512

+ 238 2321284

Safety and Security – Crime

Crime rates in Cape Verde are low but there have been incidents of muggings involving British nationals. You should avoid carrying valuables in public and remain
vigilant at all times.

Safety and Security – Road Travel

Traffic is usually light and road conditions and driving standards are generally of a reasonable quality.

Safety and Security – Sea Travel

Sea conditions around Cape Verde are sometimes treacherous. Mariners should take local advice. Travel by sea to the southern islands of Fogo and Brava in
particular can be significantly disrupted.

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