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British High Commission Sri Lanka

British High Commission Sri Lanka. Address, Telephone, Opening Times and Map. Travel Advice and UK Passport Entry Requirements to Sri Lanka.

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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements – Visas
Visas are required for trips to Sri Lanka. Currently British nationals receive a 30-day visit visa, free of charge, on arrival.

All other visas, including for those undertaking voluntary activity and paid or unpaid work, should be obtained at a Sri Lankan High Commission or Embassy before you travel.

Entry Requirements – Passports
Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the end of your intended stay.

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British High Commission Sri Lanka

British High Commission Sri Lanka
389 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Colombo – 7
Sri Lanka

+ 94 11 539 0639

+ 94 (11) 539 0694


Opening Times:
Monday to Thursday: – 02:30-11:00
Friday: 02:30-07:30 GMT

Monday to Thursday: – 08:00-16:30
Friday: 08:00-13:00 Local Time

Local laws and Customs

Although Sri Lankan attitudes to informal European styles of dress are generally relaxed, women travelling alone, especially after dark, may be made to feel uncomfortable if not dressed modestly. You should consider religious and other sensibilities.

Do not enter a Buddhist temple wearing headgear or with bare legs or shoulders and always remove footwear. You should avoid posing for photographs standing in front of a statue of Buddha.

Security checkpoints are common. You must carry a form of official photographic identification on you at all times.

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