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UK Passport Service Guide - Everything you need to know about applying for a UK passport.

UK Child Passport

Applying for your UK Child Passport is a very straight forward process. Find all the details here including fees, supporting documents and where to send.

Children must have their own UK child passport unlike before where they could be included on a parent’s UK passport. This is mainly as a precaution against child abduction.

As apposed to adult passports, a child passport, for obvious reasons are only valid for 5 years and if it runs out you can renew it for another 5 years until the child reaches the age of 16.

If for example your child is 14 they will need to apply for a five year child passport but the good news is that they can use this passport until it runs out so in effect the passport will be valid until your child is 19.

After that, your 19 year old child will need to apply for an adult passport.


Fee for UK child passport:

uk child passport

The first passport for your child will cost £46.00 for the standard postal service which will take around 3 weeks.

The One Day Premium Service is not available for the first child passport but you can get your passport within a week using Her Majesty’s Passport Office Fast Track Service and this will cost £87.00.

Renewing a UK child passport costs £46.00 for the standard service, £87.00 for the One-Week Fast Track Service and £106.50 for the One-Day Premium Service.

When renewing your child’s UK passport you will need to send back their current or last passport.

Passport application form:

There is one standard form for all UK passport applications, you just need to fill out the relevant parts when applying for a UK child passport.

There are 3 different ways in which you can obtain a passport application form for an UK Child Passport.

  1. You can pick a form up from a main Post Office branch.
  2. Or call Her majesty’s passport Office on the advice line 0300 222 0000 and they will also send you a form through the post.
  3. Or you can visit the government site and fill out the form there.

What supporting documents will you need?

Firstly, The Identity and Passport Service will not accept photocopies so only send original documents that prove your child is British.

The only exception is if the document has been laminated for the purpose of Braille reading.

Now if your child was born or adopted in the UK you will need to send the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) your child’s full birth or adoption certificate. Make sure that the details of the parents are clearly shown on either document.

You will also need to send one of the following:

  • section 4 of the application form completed with the British passport details for either parent
  • UK birth certificate for either parent
  • Home Office certificate of registration or naturalisation for either parent
  • the passport that was valid at the time of the child’s birth for either parent

If you are sending the father’s documents, Her Majesty’s Passport Office also needs to see the parents’ marriage certificate if the child was born before 1 July 2006.

Child not born in the UK:

If your child was born outside the UK, Her Majesty’s Passport Office will need to see a certificate of naturalisation or registration issued by the Home Office and the passport on which your child entered the UK.

Children in Care:

Before a UK child passport can be issued there are some extra legal requirements that need to be met for children in care.

If this applies to you then we recommend you read the Identity Passport Service guidance notes. To download this PDF file click on this link.

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