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UK Passport Service Guide - Everything you need to know about applying for a UK passport.

UK Passport Photos

Here you will find all the details on UK passport photos and who can certify them.

Whoever you get to certify your UK passport photos, they should have known you for at least 2 years and they must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • hold a current British or Irish passport
  • be happy to write their passport number on your British passport application form
  • work in a recognised profession

Also they must not

  • be related to you
  • be involved with you personally
  • live at home with you
  • or work for the IPS

For a long list of the type of person who can countersign your UK passport application form click here to see suitable professions.

UK Passport Photo

They will also need to certify one of your UK passport photos by writing on the back, the following statement:

I certify that this is a true likeness of – Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms or other title followed by your full name

They must then sign and date this statement on the back of one of your photos.

UK Passport Photos – Specification

The Identity and Passport Service is very particular about what a UK passport photo should look like and how big it should be.

You can get your passport photos taken in one of those photo booths you see at railway stations but we highly recommend spending an extra pound or two and pop into somewhere like Snappy Snaps and get them to do it. Their resident photographer will have taken 100’s of UK passport photos and they will know exactly what is acceptable and what isn’t.

If you’re still determined on doing it yourself then here’s a 20 point list of UK Passport Photo Specifications that you must follow.

correct uk passport photos

Correctly Taken UK Passport Photos

Incorrectly Taken UK Passport Photos

Incorrectly Taken UK Passport Photos

Download this PDF file for a closer look.

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